In booking services, it is implied that you agree to the following terms and conditions.

COVID Considerations

Please do not come to the Clinic if you are sick, think you may have come in contact with COVID, have travelled recently or are awaiting COVID Testing results and should be self-isolating. Notify me and we can organise a Distance session or reschedule for another time.

Privacy Policy

Your information is collected for the primary purpose of providing quality health care. I require your personal details and medical history so that I may proactively assess and treat you, as safely and responsibly as possible. You are not obliged to provide any information requested of you although failure to do so may compromise the quality of your health care and treatment. You have the right to access information collected about you, except in circumstances where access may legitimately be withheld.  In this instance, you will be given an explanation for withholding. 

If your information is to be used for any other purpose other than set out above (i.e. to comply with a legal requirement, such as a law, regulation, court order, subpoena, warrant, in the course of a legal proceeding or in response to a law enforcement agency request), your further consent will be obtained.

General Considerations.

Please understand that if you have had your condition for a long time, it may also take some time for things to unwind and give you the results you require. Everybody is different. Some respond quickly and their symptoms do not return, others take longer because the body has a need for the dynamic it has set up, on some level. In many cases, when long-term conditions begin to shift, you may experience a temporary worsening of symptoms, before things settle down. This is quite normal, and referred to as a “healing crisis”. I do what I can to minimise this, but some things are out of my hands. When we are working on deeper, emotional levels, you may experience various sensations or emotions. Please feel safe to express these and allow them to be felt and released. Whilst there is no need to re-live any “story” which is private or distressing, the more I can understand the terrain of your particular history, and what you are expecting from treatment, the better I will be able to serve you.

Trauma is one of the most varied, complex and far reaching areas of human health. It is impossible to accurately predict outcomes. Each person’s experience will be unique, and indeed likely to vary over time. In a reality where it is not even possible to find a shampoo to meet the needs of everybody, it must be acknowledged that there are no guarantees with trauma recovery work. What works brilliantly for one person, may not work for another. All treatment is undertaken with due diligence, best efforts and intentions for the highest outcomes possible. Professional boundaries are an important part of this.

Mental Health.

This work is not a replacement for mental health services like Counselling, Psychology, Psychotherapy or Psychiatry. It can work very well as a companion to these services, but works more in the spaces where these other services do not reach, and to enhance and integrate this other work. If you have not already undertaken significant self inquiry and healing work, are not familiar with Energy Work, or are in the early stages of recovery – then this work may not be appropriate for you just yet. If you have a strong tendency to dissociate, are uncomfortable with long periods of silence or challenged by the idea of very gentle touch (I get that some people need firmer and deeper touch to feel safe), then this work may also not be suitable for you.

Strong Smells.

I find that I am becoming more sensitive to strong smells, and some of my clients are also Highly Sensitive, so where possible, I would ask you to avoid wearing perfumes, colognes and essential oils in to the Clinic.

Alcohol & Drugs.

The way that I work requires me to be completely open to you, energetically. Because of this, I ask you not to indulge in alcohol or recreational drugs for at least 12-24 hours before your appointment so that your system is clean. This is also best for you, in order to not any mask pain or discomfort feedback from your body.

Please note that if you come to a session under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I may refuse to treat you and you will still be charged for the session. If you lie to me about drug use, I am very likely to have a serious, harmful reaction to being in your system and will then refuse further treatment. My system is highly tuned and this is not a joke for me.

Aggression and Violence.

Aggression and violence will not be tolerated. I understand that conditions like PTSD can sometimes blur our lenses and make us confused about the intentions of others, however I am only ever trying to help you. It is obviously difficult for me to do this if I don’t feel safe. There is always a cost as energy shifts, and if your history is particularly traumatic, then it is your responsibility to make sure that you are also well supported by a trained mental health professional to make sense of what is happening, and to keep you safe. Whilst I will do everything within my abilities to support you, I am not specifically trained to work in this area.

I am able to do the work that I do so well, in part because of my own trauma history which allows me to recognise and tune into particular signatures. However the flip side to this sensitivity is that if I begin to feel unsafe, I will obviously not be able to continue working effectively with you. If you become aggressive or threatening, I may end the session and you will still be liable for the full session fee. Please address any concerns in a respectful and responsible way so that I can actually help.

Right to Refuse.

I reserve the right to refuse to work with anybody that I do not feel comfortable or qualified to work with, for whatever reason. Anyone who books a session after I have given notice to discontinue working will have the session cancelled and refunded, less PayPal fees. Any continued harassment or showing up at my home without permission may result in the police being called.

Late Cancellation & No-Shows.

I get a fair number of late cancellations and no-shows in my business. – I understand that beginning this kind of work can be scary, and sometimes you think you’re ready when you’re not. However, this really impacts my availability for other things, and my ability to pay my bills. I only see a relatively small number of clients in a week, due to the nature of the work. If you are having any wobbles, please get in touch and let me know.

People who simply do not show up for their appointment and don’t get in touch to explain will forfeit the full fee.

I work with healing Energies in my sessions, and do a fair amount of preparation. Once an appointment is booked, the intention is already sent forward into that space. It is not unusual for me to feel a client and already be working with them well before they show up. I have had confirmation from many clients who are aware of such things, that they have begun processing in advance. It’s not great for either of us to be in limbo with this process having begun, and not bring it to completion.

Late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) for reasons other than illness, will incur a $50 late cancellation fee, because it does not allow time for anyone else to book the space. If you are sick, you have the option to switch to a Distance session.

I give a lot in my sessions, and I’m fairly accessible and supporting outside of them, so having these measures in place allows me to keep offering the work that I do, without burning myself out.

Thank you for your understanding.

Concession Rate.

This is offered as a courtesy and at my discretion. It is not a right. There may be very rare circumstances where it needs to be revoked (i.e. taking up excessive amounts of my time outside of sessions, or if you are particularly challenging to work with – I may not be able to sustain expending this amount of energy without full compensation). Once revoked, any bookings made at the wrong rate will be refunded, less the PayPal fees.

Special Availabilities:

Thursdays and Weekends are my recovery days. If I am required to work on one of these days, then there will be a $50 surcharge payable.

Referrals and Other Resources.

I may send you additional resources when I think they are relevant or may be helpful to you, or suggest other services as I feel appropriate. It is always up to you to use your own discernment to evaluate the validity of these services for yourself. Take only what resonates, and feel free to discard what does not. Any additional support received outside of paid sessions is given freely but should be acknowledged as a bonus, according to my available personal resources at the time, and may not be expected to be repeated at a future time.

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