The Spiritual Path

People who think that the spiritual path is soft and fluffy really have no idea. In order to get to love and light there is a whole lot of hard work.

You have to keep letting go of everything you thought you knew. You have to embrace the fact that you just “know” things that don’t make logical sense. You find yourself perfectly OK with concepts that occasionally have you questioning your sanity. Not because you are crazy, but because the world is.

Have a really good look at the things we have allowed to control us and some of the values that are upheld. It’s insane! It’s legal to administer poison in the name of medicine and food, but you can get locked up for revealing the truth, for really healing people or even just for supplying organic, whole milk. Seriously!

Love isn’t always soft and gentle. Sometimes it is brutal. Sometimes the most loving thing to do for someone’s growth is to let them stand on their own. That can look a lot like something else from the outside. But you can’t let yourself go back. You need to stand for what you know is right. You have to wear the judgements.

It’s a path where you are called on again and again to put aside your own fears for the greater good. It’s all about growth, baby. And growth involves pain. There’s a reason that creating something new is called birthing.

It’s always worth it. Cracking through to the expansive experience of Universal love is like finding home for the first time. (Well, it truly is!) It is discovering the truth. And the truth isn’t always acceptable to others. And you have to learn to be OK with that and to leave those you love behind you sometimes, because that is the only way forward.

It’s often lonely, because you don’t feel that you can be honest in sharing everything that you experience and feel. You are still human. You still long for security and acceptance.

But for all of it’s security breaches and allowance of the spread of fear and horror and cyber-bullying.. I am grateful for Facebook for connecting me to other crazy buggers like me out there on the same path. Because of them, I know that I’m not alone. And because of what I choose and what I put out there, my feed is not full of those negative things. It is filled mostly with hope and inspiration and love.

We do this because we know. Because we feel more than others. Because we must.

Because we are the way forward.