Expanded Body and Nervous System Healing + Integration

The “Expanded Body” is the model I work with to access all of the moving parts of ENTIRE, multi-level human energy body system. The Nervous System has been my focus for many years because it is central to any and all progress being accepted by the body. If the nervous system doesn’t feel safe, it will reject the work.
EBANSHI is my own creation – the culmination of years of work and innovation.
Delivered via a video connection to anywhere in the world. This is multi-dimensional healing that is solidly grounded in the physical body. My knowledge of human body systems, and the ability to work with multiple energy bodies at once (Each one of the energy bodies is connected and continually influence each other) mean that sessions can have a profoundly physical effect.
It’s not all fluffy and insubstantial. I’m at the other end of the call with you throughout. You can communicate with me in real time and know that I’m there with you, doing the work. 
Everything (even that which we perceive as solid, physical matter) is essentially made up of particles of light, and I have developed the ability to change the nature of these photons to release trauma. For those familiar with receiving energy work and ready to fast-track, we can move large amounts of energy VERY quickly this way.
Working with high level Light Beings in my healing team and Elemental/Earth Energies, as well as your own Soul group and Guides, via the Quantum Field, I provide a channel for you to access whatever you need for the deepest healing, release and integration possible. I see myself as a kind of Psychic Project Manager, keeping all of the various moving parts working together.
We have the ability to reach to the farthest tendrils in these sessions – clearing emotional, stress and trauma residues, contracts, beliefs and influences from multiple and remote sources – and attuning the nervous system throughout the entire Expanded Body system. Bridging your body to the higher states of consciousness.

*”Recalibrating Your Body” may be a great first step for you, if you’re not quite ready yet. This guided process was created to help support your physical body during the rapid change and expansion being experienced on the planet. It is freely available on my YouTube channel, and via the Home page.

This is Advanced healing work.  If the language I’m using here isn’t landing for you, maybe it’s a sign to start somewhere else.
Those with limited experience of the healing journey and the cost of shifting large amounts of Energy;  those who cannot hold space for themselves through big emotions; those who have a tendency to dissociate during Meditation; those who are at-risk of self harming or suicidal actions; or those who may be unearthing particularly distressing memories; – may not find this method of treatment suitable. It is not wise to risk being triggered into a fragile/reactive state without someone in your immediate physical presence to support you. 
If you are looking for alternative hands-on work, modalities such as Kinesiology, Myofascial Release Therapy, NETwork Chiropractic or Cranio-Sacral Therapy could be a good starting point.
People with more recent or acute Trauma and mental health diagnoses will require a deeper level of support than I can provide. You may wish to look into treatments such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing or EMDR.

Hands-on work in Thornbury

Blissful Fascia
Deeply relaxing, head to toe bodywork. Fairy light touch with profoundly deep results.
Working directly with the body’s network of fascia, which needs gentle touch and moves lowly. So these sessions are longer.  90 mins – 2 hours.
Nervous system regulation,
Physical unwinding,
Emotional / stress release,
old, hard to resolve pain and injury.
Hands-on EBANSHI
Faster, fully clothed, advanced multi-system, multi-dimensional energy healing.
Healing and integration throughout the expanded body system and the expanded nervous system.  1 Hour.
Nervous system focused healing,
Physical, emotional, mental and soul..
Past life, karmic and generational influence,
deeper integration of previous work.