Be a Light Worker. It’ll Be Fun, They Said..

I really do see myself as a kind of a project manager these days. At least when it comes to working with my beautiful healing team in the higher realms. I used to really over-think things and micro-manage every detail, thinking that I needed to be “doing” all the work myself. But I realised that not only was this really slowing things down, it was limiting the potential of what could be achieved. If I had to know every possible detail of what and why and how, then what vital pieces (that I don’t yet know about) might I be leaving out?
I have this amazing team of healers and higher light beings at my disposal, and they know what they’re doing (they are actually FAR above my pay grade!) – so why not let them work to their full extent? If we have access to all of this help and support (and we do!), and all we need to do is ask – then why not ask for more? And let them figure out the details? Because, more than likely, my understanding of what’s going on is going to fall a fair way short of the knowledge that they have access to. Therefore, their solutions to the problems presenting are likely to be far more elegant and comprehensive than anything I can come up with. I feel that it is always important to have my clients express their own needs and what they want to bring into each session, rather than making assumptions. Then I can add my own insights and ideas about how that might be achieved, or what connections might be in play. And that becomes the brief for us all to work with.
I have been studying spiritual matters and working to evolve my gifts and skills for many years. And I have finally come to realise that I’m just the human part of the team. And that I’m vital. We all have a part to play (some of them are amazingly high level beings, but they haven’t lived a human life on earth and don’t understand a lot of the way we do things), and I am needed to translate, to advocate, to use my own years of experience and knowledge to ask for what’s needed, and make sure that it comes in a form that’s useful and not going to wipe my clients systems out. I put all the rules in place to make sure things are safe (kind of like a WorkSafe officer!).
I have been blessed with a can-do attitude that believes “there always has to he a way to heal”, a tonne of practical knowledge and experience gathered over my lifetime (plus soul knowledge from thousands of years of incarnating as a healer), the humility to know that there must be SO MUCH that I don’t yet understand about how things really work, and the imagination to see the potential pathways regardless. I have the audacity to ask first, find out how much is possible later.
I have been told that EBANSHI is really needed right now, so I built it. And the very act of developing it (as an advanced way of working – firstly with the body and the nervous system in an expanded way, and then developing ways to do that without physical contact) has also been a necessary part of my own evolution as a healer / someone who is able to manipulate energy.
The only way I’ve been able to get this far has been by having an elevated view of what’s possible. I work a lot with mirror neurons. That part of the brain that says “that’s possible – I can go and do that!” It’s always been part of my learning style. I don’t know what I don’t know until I know it. But once I get a glimpse of what’s possible, I can intuitively grasp a whole heap of what’s just outside of my current understanding and make the quantum leap towards the skill to make it happen. I’ve been learning and innovating this way for close to 15 years.
Isn’t that how a project manager works? They see the problem that needs to be solved, identify the potential impacts and problems that need to be considered, prescribe the conditions under which the project needs to take place, then identify the team members with the best skills to do those things and ask them do it. It’s their job to figure out the how within those conditions. I concentrate on the parts that I know how to do, set things in motion, and manage the over-all project. Sort of.
So, if you are a beautiful light worker, sensitive or healer and are finding the going a little tough during these times – I get it! You are not alone there. I think that all of our biggest stuff is coming up right now because we can finally deal with it, so please don’t doubt yourself or your abilities. We ARE being asked to up-level rather brutally at the moment. But we also have access to more support than ever. So maybe check in and book a little time to support your own nervous system, and expand your capacity to hold yourself steady through all of this. Our organic bodies need diligent care and assistance to be able to integrate all of this extra high frequency light. I even recorded a guided process to assist specifically with this as a regular self-care tool (Recalibrate 2021).
Lock-down or no, I’m completely accessible from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are located. I even have a solution if your time-zone isn’t compatible with my calendar. And you can record your one-on-one sessions to top up with again with later. Perfect. is the new home for the next phase of my work. It just feels right.
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