Don’t Feed The Trolls.

From 2016 – regarding my Facebook Page.

Let’s just get clear here and set some ground rules, shall we? This space is for me to share and give value to the people who find me, who like the sound of my stuff. It also represents my business, so I will use it as a platform to advertise my business sometimes. I pay for that right, like every other advertiser. If you don’t like what I put in my ads, that’s OK. You can just scroll on past and not engage with it. I really don’t care if you will ever come and be one of my clients.

If you are going to post negative comments, which attack my character, my intelligence, or my work, when you have had no personal experience of either me or it, and you’ve not bothered to read all of the information I have put out there.. If you are going to threaten my business for no good reason other than fear and ignorance.. then you will be banned from my page.

This is a place for positivity, hope and inspiration. It is a place to share information and support. Most people who visit here will never come and see me professionally. And I don’t care. If I can inspire someone to find some help somewhere.. if they can read about what I do and decide to keep looking for answers for themselves, to not accept that they will just never get over their stuff.. to finally feel hope that they could stop seeing themselves as broken forever.. Then THAT is what my bigger purpose is.

I don’t badger anyone into using my services. I really would much rather just work with people who go “You know what? This is just what I have been looking for!” I recognise that many of the people in the communities I most want to help, have trust issues (and rightly so). I work hard to build trust here. I give value as often as I can. I share personal stuff that is not easy to put out into a public forum. But I do it so that other people who could benefit from my experiences, can.

When people do contact me about my work, I usually spend a bit of time with them, answering questions and making sure they understand what they would be entering into, and that we both feel we will be a good fit, before I considered booking them in.

I don’t appreciate having my reputation slurred. I’ve worked hard to gain the level of integrity that I have. This is also my core business (and it’s fledgling). It puts food on the table for my kid. You don’t have a right to mess with that, regardless of your opinions. Just sayin’. Peace out.

*Photo by Ellie Burgin from Pexels.