Welcome to my business. A big part of what I do is creating more awareness. Whether it’s self care strategies for my bodywork clients or with the spiritual/energetic teaching work that I do. I believe that the more aware you are, the less damage you will do.

Bodywork – Myofascial Release + Energy Work.

Essentially this work allows a re-education of body tissues which may be stuck in old injury patterns. This work has been really effective on many resistant conditions that weren’t resolving, despite years of Physio and other Remedial treatment. Most likely because the heavier techniques don’t affect the fascia. As this is what encases the muscle, and it’s very strong, if it’s too tight all that good, heavy work simply won’t hold. We are also able to release cellular memory and stress. Myofascial Release is also less painful than other Remedial techniques, because we wait for the tissue to let us in deeper, rather than forcing it. 

Tight fascia is most likely the reason why your injury, pain or lack of mobility isn’t getting any better. It needs a different technique, which is slower and more gentle. Once this is released, you will notice a huge difference, as the once bound muscles can move freely again. Quite often, there is also some hidden emotional component to an injury that isn’t healing the way it should. Myofascial + Energy work can allow us to access and release this.

Non-physical issues.

Compassionate space for major life changes, and histories of grief, trauma and sexual/other abuse. I’m always working from a spiritual and energetic perspective. I don’t see it as separate from the physical stuff. The different levels of our human body’s energetic system constantly influence each other. I am able to offer support at a lot of different levels, and for a range of issues. A lot of the time it just runs under the surface of the bodywork, or is offered in the way of additional resources/strategies where it feels appropriate, but we can do this work specifically too, as part of our sessions. Just ask.

I used to teach classes about repairing self esteem through personal awareness and energetic hygiene and protection strategies, so this is also information I have available to bring to you in sessions.  Certain experiences cause damage at a very core level and affect your self esteem foundation. This can play out in many ways – perfectionist striving, over-achieving, addictions, distrust of others, self-sabotage, disempowering relationships, need to control, depression, lack of confidence, body issues, repetitive illnesses, feeling unworthy, intimacy issues, self-hatred, sense of hopelessness, etc. 

Awareness is the key to creating positive change, in my opinion, and I am happy to assist clients in developing this. Once you notice the patterns, beliefs and self talk that are driving you, then you can begin to change them, I have found that my bodywork combines really well with certain coaching strategies and emotional release techniques (and sometimes flower essences) for especially traumatic or suppressed memories. We don’t necessarily need to re-live traumatic events in order to release their effects. And there is often a reason, based in unconscious belief, that is a factor for people who do. As well as those body systems which are used to processing cathartically. It can take some time and effort, but beliefs can always be changed.

I am always happy to work in a bespoke manner with my clients, using whatever tools are at my disposal to meet their changing needs, from session to session. As everybody’s needs are different, and the rhythm of sessions required can vary greatly, I am not currently offering any set, formal packages. However, ongoing work that includes a coaching element and/or other techniques to assist are always available. Just let me know what you need and I will structure your sessions around that. The focus can change as we go.