The Herkimer ‘Diamond’ is the perfect symbol for my business.

It’s all about bridging the Spiritual
and the Physical.

Uniting body, mind, spirit,
multi-dimensions and consciousness
into an integrated whole.

Expanded Body and Nervous System Healing + Integration (EBANSHI)

Light workers often carry trauma from many lifetimes.  As we move further into the Aquarian Age, we are able to access far more of our soul gifts and ancient knowledge than ever before.  But we are also being asked to resolve the damage, agreements, programming and Karmic entanglements of thousands of lifetimes.  

If you have spent years doing the work, but feel there is still something you’ve missed; or the old tools aren’t working as well – EBANSHI may be the missing integration piece. 

All work needs to be referenced through each of the different systems, cleared at origin point and supported by the nervous system in order to make a difference in this physical lifetime.

EBANSHI clears emotional, stress and trauma residues, contracts, beliefs and influences from multiple and remote sources – and attunes the nervous system throughout the entire Expanded Body / multiple body system. Bridging your physical body to expanded states of consciousness. 

  • Assisting your physical body to be able to hold and utilise more (and higher levels of) light energy.

  • Attuning you to a much higher reality, helping you become more coherent at every level of being.

  • Repairing and activating neural pathways, cellular structure and DNA. Re-structuring etheric DNA by drawing in energy to facilitate cellular informational downloads.

  • Removing energetic cords, connections and entities.

  • Help disconnect from generational and past-life influences and retrieve and reintegrate fragmented soul particles.

  • Help purify your energy field and attune it to the white light of Divine essence.
  • Gentle release and transformation. Bringing the Soul’s purpose forward and activating the Light body.

  • Aligning the incarnated portion of your soul with parts that exist in other dimensions, transmuting poverty consciousness from past life vows, reconnecting to your soul knowing and healing your earth connection.

  • Calling forth your deepest dreams and highest visions and grounding the highest possible spiritual energies into the physical world.

  • Assisting you to look at your deepest self and bring the light of spirit into the dark places [for those who want to go there].

Earth Reverence Healing Circle