I am Ursula Faye. I communicate directly with nervous systems. This is really useful if you want to create any sort of life that is better than what you've experienced before.

Lots of people carry trauma from other lifetimes, as well as the experiences of this one.  There can be a lot of unseen influences that cause our nervous systems to say “nope” to having a bigger life.

Before we can access true potential and move beyond previous limitations, we often need to resolve the damage, agreements, programming and Karmic entanglements of thousands of lifetimes. Which all impact our current experiences.

If you have spent years doing work, but still feel like there’s more to do – it’s probably because of the complexity of what you’re dealing with.  I mean — it’s a LOT!!

All work needs to be referenced through each of the different systems, cleared at origin point and supported by the nervous system in order to make a difference in this physical lifetime.

EBANSHI clears emotional, stress and trauma residues, contracts, beliefs and influences from multiple and remote sources – and attunes the nervous system throughout the entire Expanded Body / multiple body system. Bridging your physical body to expanded states of consciousness. 

It’s a lot like working in the back end of a computer system. Lots of complex codes and hard to understand settings that make everything work (or not work). It’s much easier with a user interface that simplifies and translates language for you. That’s kind of what EBANSHI is.

I get that it’s a lot to take in, so if you want to get a felt sense of that that means, scroll down to the bottom and try out the process I recorded in 2021 to help our bodies deal a little better with the accelerated change of recent years.